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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my condition qualify me for a medical marijuana card?

Qualifying Conditions are:

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • A Terminal Condition

  • Chronic Pain*

  • Same kind or class as or comparable


Race in to get your Marijuana Card today!


Do I have to be a Florida Resident
to get my card?

No. However, you must reside in the State of Florida for 31 consecutive days

and provide 2 current and Florida items listed below:

  • Lease or Deed

  • Utility bill (water, gas, electric, cable.)

            *cell phone bills are not acceptable*

  • Bank or any financial account

Can I use my Florida medical marijuana card in another state?


Maybe. Some States will recognize a medical marijuana card from another State. You will need to check with that State concerning their rules and regulations concerning marijuana. However, the State of Florida only recognizes its own medical marijuana card and out of State medical marijuana cards are not valid. 


Will my insurance cover this?

No. Unfortunately, medical insurance, in the State of Florida, does not cover any kind of medical marijuana or CBD treatments. We do offer a discount to assist our AMAZING established Primary Care Patients with the consultation fees and follow-up visits. We also offer additional discounts, that you may be eligible for. Contact our Specialty Coordinator, Liz for additional information.


It is up to the doctor to approve you, so if you have seen a physician in the past for your condition, it helps to have your medical records for the same-day doctor’s approval. We have a medical release form you can fill out and sign, we can send it to your doctor’s office to pull your records, if needed. Schedule a FREE phone consultation with Liz to hear more information.

Is marijuana available for recreational use in the State of Florida?


No. In the State of Florida, marijuana is only legal for medical use with a valid medical marijuana card. 


Do I have to smoke medical marijuana to obtain the benefits?

No. There are many strains, routes, and concentrations of medical marijuana. Depending on your condition, we will recommend a regimen that will limit side effects, just like we would with any medication.​ If you take high doses of THC will you feel "high".

***Dr. Meredith, Dr. Trapani, and MDPA Solutions, Inc./d.b.a. New Smyrna Wellness Center (NSWC)/d.b.a. New Smyrna Medical Marijuana (NSMM) do not endorse driving, racing, or operating a vehicle while consuming cannabis, medical marijuana, or while under the influence of any medical marijuana products. 

Can I grow my own cannabis? 

No. The cultivation of marijuana for recreational or medical marijuana is illegal in the State of Florida. 

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