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Obtaining my Medical Marijuana card is as easy as 1,2,3...



In order to receive a medical marijuana recommendation (card), you must first be evaluated by a qualified physician. During this step, the our clinical coordinator and certified medical physician will go over your medical history and your current medical diagnoses and to determine if your condition(s) qualifies you for the use of medical marijuana.



If it has been determined that medical marijuana is right for you--following the guidelines set fourth by the Florida Department of Health--then, your physician will begin preparing your recommendation(s). Your recommendation is your customized dosage and treatment plan and is sent to the State of Florida.



After you have been approved and recommended for medical marijuana use, your certified physician will submit your name, medical information, and recommendations to the Florida Department of Health's Compassionate Use database. Once approved, this will allow you to purchase medical marijuana from a Florida medical marijuana dispensary. These dispensaries have obtained a license and approval from by the Florida Department of Health.

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